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  • On Screens

    While using screens so frequently poses problems, like affecting our memory and ability to learn, and even fragmenting our attention, it's easy to see why so many people just can't stop looking at them Continue Reading

  • Consuming Things & Being Ineffective

    There is enough so called content online such that you could spend the rest of your days consuming it. Some of it is nourishing and wholesome, you benefit in mind and spirit from its consumption, but most of it is not worth your time. Continue Reading

  • Mou App

    There are a lot of great Markdown editors out there, including the likes of iA Writer, but Mou is different in that it's for web developers. Mou is currently free to download during the beta, so get it while you still can. Continue Reading

  • A Note About Git Commit Messages

    It may be a small, often overlooked, detail, but well formatted Git commit messages help in ensuring a project is easy to pickup and work on collaboratively. Tim Pope provides a great example. Continue Reading